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Adara by Nessa Lyrics

Nessa releases new single titled “Adara.” is a phenomenal Gospel Artiste who through her ministry has won souls and established God’s kingdom on earth.

Adara Lyrics by Nessa

Yeah yeah yeah yeah….
Verse 1
See…you gotta fight..
Cause there’s light at the end of the tunnel…
You gotta fight to win..
Cause you can’t say you’re a winner but look defeated…
See, this too will pass
And soon you will laugh at the past…you’ll just laugh…

Things come and go,
But this one won’t last
It won’t last till forever
Las Las you’ll be alright..
Just spread your wings and fly…
Yo’odara o…

Adara oh
Adara oh..
Yo’odara oh
Las Las you’ll be alright..
Just spread your wings and fly…
Yo’odara oh
So Adara o..o..o..o..o..
Yo’odara o..o..

Verse 2
Ku twa(don’t cry)
Ku se’me(don’t fret)
You Know that it’s darkest before the dawn..
This pain won’t last for long..
You go come out very strong..
Even when it seems hard, just fight..
When it seems rough… just fight…
You know say who tough naim know wetin rough..
Just fight..fight..

See life will happen to everybody..
Life still happens to everybody..
No be your case wey bad pass..
Just smile, come out and live life..
You live life only once once once once..
Make the best of what you got got…

(Repeat chorus)

Adara,adara,adara,adara o…
Adara,adara,adara, yo’odara o…
Adara, adara,adara,adara o…
Adara,adara,adara,adara o…
Adara,adara,adara,Yo’odara o..
Adara,adara,adara,adara o….

I see you coming out undefeated, victorious..
Yo’odara oh..
Don’t cry no more..
It’s gonna be alri….ght…
Yeah yeah… yo’odara oh



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