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Chidinma Ekile joins the Eezee Concept family as their new artiste.

It’s a big news today as Chidinma Ekile has just been signed as a new member of the Eezee Concep family.

Chidinma Ekile, born on the second of May 1991, who was sole winner of project fame 2010 and has since been into the secular music industry. Her fame has spread through the shores of Africa as she has featured different secular Artiste in her songs.

We recently saw how she deleted all her Instagram post and cleared the public that it was for spiritual maintainace little did we know that she was about to be signed to the family of Eezee concepts. We celebrate this one and we are most happy for this news.
Congratulations to Miss Chidinma and welcome to the Gospel World.

View post below;
At least 10 Million People To Encounter Jesus as EeZee Global Ministry unveils Chidinma Ekile as latest addition to the family, crossing over as
a Gospel Music Minister

Lagos, Nigeria
May 2, 2021
Over 10 million people are about to have an encounter with Jesus as popular Nigerian singer
Chidinma Ekile makes a switch in her music subject matter to concentrate on the Gospel of
Jesus Christ and automatically introducing her over 10 million social media followers to her
message of the Gospel.

EeZee Global Ministry is now releasing the first single under the label for CHIDINMA titled
“Jehovah Overdo”.

“Jehovah Overdo” is a mellow groovy song of praise that testifies to God’s great works in our
lives. The song is written & inspired by the Holy spirit and personal life experiences; it is hence
sung with befitting passion. “Jehovah Overdo” is produced by the production team at EeZee
Conceptz Global led by multiple award winning producer, EeZee Tee.

CHIDINMA had taken a break from Music and the public eye, leaving a hint on her Instagram
page that she will no longer be dancing around the same themes of her previous hits like
“Kedike”, “Jakoliko”, “Emi Ni Baller” and more. Unknown to many, she has been undergoing a
period of actively waiting on God and preparation for what is ahead. The unveiling with EeZee
Global Ministry is the beginning of greater things ahead.

The crossover for CHIDINMA is not far-fetched as she has always had a pivotal role in the
Church music ministry. She has been in the Church Choir from a young age and has been serving
as a music director for many years now.

To connect with CHIDINMA, follow her on social media:

EeZee Global Ministry
Doing The KINGDOM Business
T/F/I: @EeZeeConceptz

Watch “Jehovah Overdo”



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