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Imole by Jaymikee Lyrics

Gospel music artist, music producer and digital artist, Jaymikee releases “ Imole (Abejoye Season 2 Theme Song)” from his 6th studio album titled Heaven.

Imole Lyrics by Jaymikee

Emi O Ma Ri Ru Olorun Eyi Ri
(I’ve Never Seen A God Like This Before)

Gbeni-Gbani Tan Saya
(Our Help In Times Of Need)

Se Iwo Riru Jesu Eyi Ri
(Have You Seen A Jesus Like This Before?)

Erugege Oba Ni, Ologo Imole
(The Might One, The Glorious Light)

I Have Searched Through Out the World
But I Never See Your Type O

(No One Like Our God)
The Great I Am That I Am,
The Lord of Lord and King Of All Kings.

He Is the Lamb That Was Slain
I Call Him My Redeemer

The Way Maker My Guide
The Giver of Hope and A New Life

Verse 2
Many People Put Their Trust
In Horses and Chariots

(To Make It Through the Day)
And Other Rely On the Wisdom of Mortal Men

But I Will Put My Hope in Christ
The Rock That Cannot Be Moved

He Is My Light and My Shield,
A Father That Can Never Fail

(I Know Yes I Now)

I Am Serving the God of Miracles
(I Know Yes I Know)

There Is No Other Name Like the Name of Jesus
(I Know Yes I Know)

There Is No Other God That Is Like Our God, Yes.
(I Know Yes I Know)

If You Believe in Your Heart Then Rise Up And Say
(I Know Yes I Know)



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