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Wonder (Kilen F’olorun Pe) by Jaymikee Lyrics

Gospel music artist, music producer and digital artist, Jaymikee releases “Wonder (Kilen F’olorun Pe)” from his 6th studio album titled Heaven.

Wonder (Kilen F’olorun Pe) Lyrics by Jaymikee

Ogbenuwundi a Sola
He who resided and performed wonders in the womb of the Virgin

Ogbenu Adelebo Sogo
The great God of Mysteries

Gbani gbani ti aye n saya
the savior that the world runs to
Kilen f’Olorunpe (2x)

Who do You think God is?

Aterere kari aye
The One who spreads over all the earth

Oromonise fayati
The one who solidly backs up his messanger
Ogbagbatin gbalailara
The rescuer of the hopeless/helpless

Kilen f’Olorunpe (2x)

Oun L’Oba alewilese
The King who does what He says
Kiniun eya juda ni
The Lion of the tribe of Judah
Eleti ofe Eledumare

The Almighty that hears all things

Kilen f’Olorunpe (2x)

Apata ayeraye
The Rock of ages
Apanla tosoleaye ro
The mighty hand that holds the foundations of the earth
Emini tin je emini o

The I am that I am

Kilen f’Olorunpe (2x)

I never see this kind God before
He continue to make me to wonder,
I wonder (2x)

Akoda aye aseda orun
Originator of the earth,
creator of the heavens
Oyigiyigi oba nla mojubare
Mighty God, I worship You



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